Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snowmen appear at FMC youth Christmas gathering

We had a great time with the young people of Faith Mission Church and Stone City Christian Academy at the youth Christmas get-together on Friday night, December 12. There's nothing like being with young people to help one keep young at heart (and tired in body).

Some long-suffering wives put up with us guys at the party last night, such as my wife, Kathy (pictured here), Marci Webb, and Alice Golden. Well, actually it was Alice who put together the snowman feature that follows. Tamara Crosley wisely stayed home and out of danger's way.
Alice divided the young people into teams. She gave each team three rolls of toilet paper, a scarf, a hat, a sheet of construction paper, and some tape. From these materials, and with four of us fellows serving as mannequins to be "dressed," each team was to fashion a snowman. The results, as you can see here, were hilarious.

In alphabetical order, so as not to favor one snowman over another, we have:

David CrosleyTim GoldenSteve Hight
Anthony Webb
Left to right:
Anthony Webb, Tim Golden, Steve Hight, David Crosley

Here's the team that fixed me up so well, even putting my glasses on outside my face so that I could see -- well, at least halfway, since I could only peer out of one eye.As you might imagine, there was a lot of melted snowman material in the middle of the floor when we were finished. It didn't stain the carpet, though.

You must go on to the following post to see David Crosley lose at musical chairs!


Cindy said...

Say..those were 4 good-lookin' snowmen! I thought the kids were quite creative in their ideas. I was glad to see that the snowmen maintained their sense of humor and were good sports to boot :) Thanks for all you add to make our youth program a success!

Kim M. said...

EEEEK! Now those snowmen look SCARY
Looks like y'all had a blast!

Michelle said...

Hmmm, quite an improvement I say!

Mark said...

You're braver than I am - I wouldn't allow a picture taken with me looking that way. :-)

~Heather~ said...

Cute snowmen. I left a comment on the video below too! =)

Vonnie said...

That's hilarious!! We should do that with our young people here.