Friday, December 12, 2008

David Crosley loses musical chairs game in last round
Loss is second in two years for self-avowed musical chairs champ

Bedford, IN -- December 12, 2008

In dramatic fashion, David Crosley, who claims to be a musical chairs champion, lost in the final round on Friday evening at the Faith Mission Church young people's Christmas get-together. Crosley, who earlier forced his son Dwight out of the game, raising his fist in the air and crying out, "I got him! I got him!" was himself eliminated when he vied with one other contestant for the final chair.

In a timely move as the music stopped, Skylar Batley beat Crosley to the chair by a split second, then had to wrestle the chair away from Crosley, who attempted to unseat Batley by force. Batley hung on bravely, and when it was evident that he had won against the self-proclaimed champion, he raised his arms in the air in celebration of his well-earned victory.

In a desperate move, Crosley attempted to claim a share of the win by alleging that, by having his hands on the chair and because of competing against a younger opponent, he had earned half of the first-place honor. Judges of the contest disallowed Crosley's allegation.

Watch the video clip below to see the dramatic action, beginning with third-place Elizabeth Smith being eliminated in the next-to-last round.


Cindy said...

Wow, Bro. Hight! That's some great writing. I was there, and I laughed almost hysterically when I read your post :) Of course, that may be because it's nearly 1am...who knows. Tonight was a blast, even if I was one of the "older ones."

Janet Sankey said...

What terrific reporting and to see it in action has me about "splitting my sides". Thanks for all the Christmas cheer and fun with the young people!!

Marci said...

Your word is the best I've heard yet to describe Mr. Crosley while competing in musical chairs - RUTHLESS...totally, completely ruthless. I'm amazed really because away from the musical chairs setting he is always so concerned and caring about everyone and wants the best for every child in school but wow - let the games of musical chairs begin and all that concern and caring goes right out the window. The transformation is incredible and I'm so glad you captured a small taste of it last know - just for proof for those who weren't actually there and probably wouldn't believe us! :-)

Kim M. said...

I think he needs to go to the altar! LOL Thanks for sharing that.

Beth Stetler said...

Hilarious!! We laughed till we cried! And now we miss y'all more than ever!! Kent is promising himself that he will be there next year! :-)

sankey family said...

That is just so funny! I laughed out loud. Brings back memories of the fun times we had at FMC and SCCA this past summer and fall!

~Heather~ said...

I think that you might have missed your calling in have the PERFECT words to be a reporter. HA!

Enjoyed the report and the video.