Saturday, August 23, 2008

Creation Museum, Cincinnati

One of the places we visited, among the trips mentioned in the post below, was the Creation Museum
. If you haven't see it, you need to go. Very interesting! I have a bunch of pictures, and may post a few of them in another entry, but in this post I want to show you three video clips taken on my digital camera.

The first one is of a girl, accompanied by two dinosaurs. I was experimenting with my camera, so part of the video is out of focus when I zoom in too fast on the girl's face. My apologies :-)

The second video is also in the entrance area to the museum section. This one is of a dinosaur high above the crowd, eating a vine and looking over his domain.

One of the contentions of the people who created the museum is that dinosaurs were part of the animal creation in the six days and that they lived alongside man and were herbivores. When asked the question about dinosaurs on the ark with Noah, their answer is that the Bible doesn't say how large or how mature the pairs of animals were, just that they were there; so small, juvenile dinos could have been on the ark in fulfillment of God's word. (By the way, Glen Reiff says that, though all the other animals entered the ark in pairs, the worms entered in apples!)

Within the main part of the museum is this short video of a dinosaur after the fall -- obviously a carnivore, if you note at the beginning the victim at its feet.

Within the museum area there are two or three multi-media presentations, such as a dramatic reading of the Genesis 1 account of the creation. In other areas of the building, accessible from the lobby, there is a planetarium, where they have an astounding presentation of the stars and constellations in which they whirl you through large distances of the universe and show different views of the stars and planets. And in the special effects theater is an evolution-vs-creation presentation that features rumbling, shaking seats when there's lots of noise, and even light sprays of water when they present the torrential rains and flashing lightning of the Great Flood. It's all very well done.

There are even somewhat exotic foods available. For example, I tried the Aussie Burger, a culinary experiment that I may not repeat. Working upward it had: Bottom half of bun; shredded lettuce and carrots; a slice of pineapple; 1/3-lb. ground sirloin patty; about three slices of red beets; tomato; three or four slices of bacon; and the top of the bun. At the very least I can say that the pineapple and beets gave the concoction a different flavor; and even that the mixture of the pineapple and beets caught my attention.
Continued Kitchen Facelift

Whew! We've been busy around here, first with a couple of trips, like to Christiansburg, VA, to represent EFM in a camp meeting, and then with the EFM board meetings this week, which took two full days.

In the meantime, the kitchen light quit working. We probably could have remedied that with a couple of fluorescent tubes, but I, for one, have never really liked the light (see blog post below) that was there when we purchased the house. I suggested to Kathy that we might want to grab the opportunity to put in something nicer.

So we did!

The first picture is zoomed in and taken with flash so you can see some of the detail, especially in the glass shades.

For the second photo I turned on the lights for the nice glowing effect it gives.

Would you agree with us that this light looks a lot better than the long white "log" that was hanging up there before?

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Kitchen Re-do

What have we been doing since our trip to the Knoxville Zoo? Well, we went to a camp meeting in Clinton, PA, to represent the mission (maybe I can put up some pix of that soon) and we've been doing a minor revamp of our kitchen. Of course, when you work during the day and don't have too much time in the evening, and don't have too many free evenings, it takes awhile to do even minor stuff.

Anyway, here's what the kitchen looks like with a new coat of paint and new floor covering. The color up in the corner over the cupboards is the truest to the actual hue of the paint. The flash sort of wiped out the true color at the right. As you can imagine, this yellow sure brightens things up!
Those who have seen the previous, dark brown floor covering will see that the floor is lighter, too. The picture at the top comes closest to showing the true color. I've included the one at the bottom to show the pattern. Kathy likes the color, the stone look, and the fact that the floor is easy to care for.

We just finished the painting today, and then I trimmed bushes and did our annual sidewalk and driveway reclamation. We have juniper in part of our front yard, serving as a nice, green ground cover in an area that would be tough to mow if it were grass. Each year I have to trim the juniper where it has grown between 8 and 12 inches over the edge of sidewalk and driveway. Next time I walk to the mailbox I'll feel like the sidewalk has been widened.