Sunday, October 28, 2007

P.S. to the zoo story:

Have you ever seen a baboon dentist? Or is he looking at/for something else?

Yesterday Kathy and I met Rodney, Michelle, and their three kids at the Indianapolis Zoo. It was damp, cloudy, and chilly, but at least we didn't have to worry about sunburn or dehydration, and it was nice to be together for an afternoon.

The Zoo does special promotions at various times of the year, so for Halloween they had all sorts of ghosts, skeletons, and monsters throughout the park. At the entrance they had this photo opportunity for making our grandchildren into the monsters that they are NOT. That's hydra-headed Steven at top right, one-eyed Ashlee at left, and purple people eater Kelcee at lower right.

In the Oceans pavilion, where they have lots of fish, penguins, and a Polar bear, they also have a pool where people can pet the dog sharks ("two fingers, touching from dorsal fin to tail," they instruct). Here's a picture of Steven touching one, with Rodney observing and the girls not sure if they want to. I did, and got the lower four inches of my sleeve wet, which kept me feeling chilly the rest of the afternoon.

A little farther along there was an elephant show. We were too late to see most of it, though we did watch the pachyderm create a three-color abstract painting. Actually, it was simple and colorful enough that I'd have been willing to be the winner and take it home! Anyway, when the show was over Rodney took the kids to touch the elephant, and here he is holding Kelcee up so she can learn what it feels like. Kelcee is in the light blue jacket.

There were rides at the zoo, too, and Ashlee opted to ride the carousel. (Steven and Kelcee with with Rodney on the roller "ghoster," which sort of scared them. I think they both wished that they had opted for this ride.) I don't know if Ashlee was riding a shark or a dolphin. Look at the teeth and tell me which.

Finally, as we were getting ready to leave, we saw this hooded skeleton sitting near the exit. We had earlier seen him walking around and greeting people, but now he was resting. Or was he? Did they stuff the costume with something and put it here while the zoo volunteer took a break somewhere? We convinced the kids to get near him to take a picture, but they wouldn't get too close, or would any of them sit in his lap. Note Kelcee's big eyes! They were a bit aprehensive.

And with reason! Suddenly the bony hand reached out and grabbed Steven's sleeve! I wish I had a picture of that moment. Steven was brave, but jerked away and went to stand with his daddy. Kathy (Grandma) said something about the hooded skeleton having a real person inside after all, and he shook his finger at her as if to say, "If your grandson was scared, it's your fault. Shame on you."

When the day was over and we had parted, Kathy and I stopped for a light supper and some hot chocolate. I don't know about her, but I felt a little chilled all day, and the hot drink really helped.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kathy and I were in Lowe's last night and saw a bunch of Nascar Christmas ornaments. Kasey Kahne. Jeff Gordon. Jimmie Johnson. Dale Earnhart. (But not Jr.)

However, I didn't see Tony Stewart anywhere and started wondering why. After all, he's a Columbus, IN, guy, which isn't so very far from Bedford. Then it dawned on me!

So I went to a Customer Service lady and she asked what she could do for me. I said I wanted to register a complaint. She asked what about, and I said that there were no Tony Stewart Christmas ornaments in the store. She looked at me and said, "You think you're funny, don't you?" She was laughing, so it wasn't like she was angry.

I said, "Well, after all, he's an Indiana boy and from a town just over the way."

"Yeah," she answered, "But I bet that Home Depot doesn't have Jimmie Johnson on their shelves!"

Friday, October 19, 2007

Back home from Guatemala! I taught for a week, preached in three churches, visited a fourth, got to be with half a dozen old friends, ate tamales, drank "rosa de Jamaica" for the first time, and enjoyed every minute of the time.

But it's good to be home again. I think I'm getting caught up, and then I look at the pile of things still on my desk. No, catching up won't be THAT quick!

The only part of the trip I didn't enjoy was the almost-7-hour layover in Miami on the way back. There's not a whole lot that's more boring than sitting in an airport that long with a dead battery in your laptop and no place to connect. I finally sat near some people who were plugged in and got mine hooked up after they left, then got some work done.

It used to be that you could watch the people, but the way some of them are dressed any more it's almost better to bury your face in a book or something.

Anyway, it's great to be home and sleeping in my own bed. And that's where I'm headed soon after I post this.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Hey, folks, no time for posting right now. I'm trying to get ready to give a class on holiness in Guatemala and am (1) behind schedule, and (2) frustrated with interruptions. Glen Reiff prayed this morning that God would keep me from interruptions, and this afternoon someone called to say that they were locked out of their bathroom and needed me to go unlock it for them. (No, it wasn't anyone in my family -- and no, I won't tell who it was!) :-)