Wednesday, March 26, 2008

For those who want to know without looking again at the comments: Yes, the cake in the post below was very tasty. I'm not normally a big fan of this sort of cake, but it seemed to be just the right balance between being just moist enough and not too soggy, and having enough fruit to make it flavorful but not so much that the fruit was overwhelming.

Onelia, my hostess, said that the yellow and red waves around the sides were made with colored gelatin. I noticed that the strawberries that ringed the top were dipped in the red gel to really make them stand out.

I'm home from Bolivia and breathing again :-) and will write again in a day or two and tell you more about my visit.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hi from Bolivia. Things are going well, but since I'm on a slow dial-up I don't want to take time to say much. I just had to post these pictures of the cake that my hostess purchased for her husband and me for Father's Day, which was Wednesday, March 19, here.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Well, Grandma got her pictures developed (see second blog below), so now I can show you that Nicholas really did sit on my lap.

I was a "lucky" guy for a few minutes!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How well can you fly a helicopter? Thanks to Rex McDowell II. I got to 419 ft.

Update, 3/12 -- Made it to 720 ft.
Well, after a surprise, whirlwind trip to Guatemala, I came home on Thursday the 6th, had a debrief with Director Manley on the morning of Friday the 7th, and left with Kathy for South Carolina about 10:00 that same morning. No grass growing under my feet!

I'm still not using my snowblower, either! Would you believe that this weekend, when we went south for Nicholas' (our 4th grandchild) second birthday, it snowed enough that I could have used it -- but I was gone?!?!?! Yessir, somewhere between 3 and 5 inches, they tell me, and my blower in the garage and me in the southland. Oh, well.

We got out on I-65 a little south of Seymour and got stopped for an hour, I think because of an accident somewhere ahead. We lost an hour sitting there, while the snow came down around us. When we finally got moving again, we stopped at a BK for a bathroom break and to get some food to take with us.

Approaching Louisville, we got slowed way down again, but at least didn't have to stop; and as we listened to WHAS we learned that I-64 to Lexington was getting very bad. We called Mike, who looked up the weather and told us that south of L'ville it was raining, so we opted for a longer, but safer, trip, and went on to Nashville before turning east. It made for more miles and time, but we ran out of the snow about 40 miles south of L'ville.

We had a nice weekend in South Carolina. We don't see Nick-Nick (as his daycare friends call him) enough for him to be comfy with us, so it was mostly look and touch a little, but don't hold him. Well, I did have him on my lap for a little while as he and I watched what his daddy was doing on the computer. Kathy took a picture. If it turns out (she still uses film!), I'll scan and post it.

I'd have some pix of the great little kid (although we have to admit that he's going into those Terrible Twos), but I lent my camera batteries to Melinda, whose batteries had run down, and then she ran mine down. Oh, wait, I did charge them up and shoot a couple of pix. Let's see if I can put one in here.

Well, okay, three then. He likes his dump truck, as do most boys, and he likes to play ball, as you can see. This was actually a large balloon that we batted around, and he had great fun with it.

I'll have little blogging time. This coming Friday, 3/14, I leave for Bolivia, where I'm to be in a graduation service, speak to pastors, preach two evening services, and help them celebrate Resurrection Sunday. No doubt there will be some other activities along the way. So far I've had very little problem breathing and functioning in the high altitude. Please pray that it will be that way once more. Thanks!

P.S. -- The Guatemala trip went well and they say that my presence helped make a difference. Nevertheless, we have some real problems there that only God can solve. I'd appreciate your prayers for our Guatemalan situation